Discovering Iceland: Waterfalls & Volcanoes


Discovering Iceland: Waterfalls & Volcanoes

Discovering Iceland: Waterfalls & Volcanoes

After an exciting stop in Denmark,  Jason and his family began their trek through Iceland arriving at Keflavik’s airport. To get around Iceland they rented a camper style van and got on the road.

After a stop at a grocery store and brew-pub style restaurant in Reykjavik, we finally left the city and really began our adventure towards nightfall,” Jason says. “We headed towards the Snaefellsnes Peninsula for the first leg of our trip. Our first impression was how abruptly the city of Reykjavik ends and the wide open, green and beautiful scenery of the rest of the country begins.”


Route from Jason’s first day in Iceland along the Ring Road.

Their first few days in Iceland led them through Borgarnes, Kirkjufell, Grundarfjörður, Akureyri, Goðafoss, Mývatn. The area was rich with waterfalls, greenery, and wide open plains. When asked about the overall terrain of Iceland, Jason found it varied greatly.

“Iceland is sparsely populated, with pretty little farmhouses each occupying its own seemingly private hillside with a waterfall in the background,” Jason says. “Parts were overwhelmingly green and hilly, abutted by vast, flat black fields of lava with Mount Doom-like volcanoes lurking in the distance. Starkly beautiful.”

They traveled on the popular Ring Road that encircles the country. Luckily, they said, most of the country’s famous landmarks are located right off of this highway.

“The tricky part was finding a spot to pull off quickly before we passed our photo op,” says Jason. “So while we of course did our share of hiking up to waterfalls, lakes, basalt columns and steam vents, almost everything we saw could already be seen at a distance from the road.”

“We were inundated with beauty at every turn,” he adds.

After a few days of travelling through Iceland, Jason says they decided Led Zeppelin was the perfect band to act as a soundtrack as they explored the countryside.

“Every town (and there are some very small towns) seems to have a campsite and a swimming pool,” Jason says. “Many of the pools were like mini water-parks, boasting water slides and several outdoor pools and hot tubs of different sizes, depths, and temperatures. All pleasantly warm.”

Having access to so many pools worked out well for them too!

“We visited several pools in the country; one, to bathe, and two, to bribe our three-year old into good behavior for the day,” Jason says.

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