ASI Cal Poly Kayak Excursion in Morro Bay


ASI Cal Poly Kayak Excursion in Morro Bay

ASI, the Associated Students, Inc. at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo schedules various trips within the school year for students to gain the ultimate college experience. ASI provides co-curricular activities, such as recreational sports, outdoor adventures, and creative outlets that make life at Cal Poly fun. ASI takes the time to enjoy fun activities With a program called Poly Escapes, students have the access to rent equipment, take a weekend trip, or climb the rock wall located outside of the Recreation Center on Cal Poly’s campus.

On Sunday, June 1st Jason and Peter went to Morro Bay to meet with a group of Cal Poly students to film them learning the basics of stand up paddle boarding and kayaking.

The event began at 10 in the morning and the group had previously decided they were going to kayak from the Morro Bay boat launch to the famous Morro Bay rock. Jason and Peter flew the Black Magic Production camera over the group of Cal Poly students. Peter and Jason flew the copter close-round the group.

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