A Journey to Machu Picchu: Day 5


A Journey to Machu Picchu: Day 5

A Journey to Machu Picchu: Day 5

The following blog post is written by Stephanie Durbin:

Day 5: 4-28-15

Third/Last Camp: Winay Wayna Ruins

This morning we woke up to rain. Although the rain was a light drizzle, the storm didn’t stop for 6 hours straight, so we were bummed that we couldn’t see the view from some parts of the trail. More reason to come back and hike it again!

Peru Ruin   HS1C1509

At a pass in our trail, Alvero had us stop and give thanks and an offering to Pachamama (Mother Earth, Quechua language); we took Coca leaves, whatever snack we wanted to offer, and repeated “Solpayki (thank you) Pachamama” several times. We also prayed for Inti (the Sun God) to have the rain let up and show us the sun! As if on cue, Pachamama and Inti heard us…the moment we arrived at ruins called the City in the Clouds, the sun came out and we were able to see all that surrounded us. Jason was able to fly his copter while the others in our group went ahead.

Today was a long day. According to Jason’s GPS watch, we hiked for 13 hours! Such a spectacular day, though. The rough journey today made me appreciate the Inca Trail even more as I pictured what it would be like to have lived along the trail and make a weekly commute just to get to nearby villages. I will never cease to be amazed by the Quechua people and their history.HS1C1494-HDR(3)

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